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AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence)
CRICOS number 070430J

The Commercial Pilot Licence is the minimum qualification required to pilot an aeroplane for hire or reward. Australian Wings Academy offer a unique scenario based training syllabus utilising blended learning methodologies and boast some of the most experienced instructors and management staff in the country. Our reputation for producing highly trained professional pilots now precedes us.

Once you have completed the Commercial Licence you can commence the Diploma of Aviation AVI50415 (Instrument Flight Operations) course.

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Entry Requirements

  • Acceptable level of English
  • Pass a CASA Class 1 medical examination with a CASA Designated Aviation Medical examiner.
  • Be 18 years or older to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence (but you can complete all areas of your training before you turn 18).

Course Outline

  • AWA has a unique syllabus that requires full time attendance
  • Complete approximately 203 hours of flying training including:
    • 82 hours dual flight training
    • 118 hours solo flight time
    • 5 hours synthetic flight time
  • Each lesson consists of a pre flight briefing of up to an hour and a post flight debrief
  • Each flying lesson will be 1-4 hours duration
  • Ground school theory

Australian Wings Academy offers an integrated Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).The course duration is 15 months, this includes 203 flight hours. Successful students will receive the (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) CASA Commercial Pilot Licence.

Flight Tests

  • Private Pilot Licence test (after approximately 48 hours)
  • CPL Flight Test (After approx 200 hours)

Theory Components

Full ground school theory which includes Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), PPL Theory Course, CPL Theory Courses for all 7 subjects

Included in Course Fee

  • All flights, instructor time, briefings, landings and airways charges
  • Theory books
  • Navigation equipment, maps and charts
  • Uniform
  • One attempt at each theory exam and flight test

Theory Tests

CPL Exams – these exams are conducted at the CASA/ASPEQ exam centre in Brisbane


Australian Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – CPL(A)

More Information

The minimum age for the issue of a Commercial Pilot Licence is 18 years. The applicant must be able to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language.

The course is integrated so the theory and the flight training are coordinated and conducted together.

The training for the CPL is aimed at achieving a high standard of flying skill, knowledge and airmanship. You will be specifically instructed in the procedures for conducting commercial operations. This will include the management of passengers as well as the management of the aircraft. You will be consolidating all your knowledge and practical skill in navigational exercises, carrying out normal procedures and all types of emergency procedures. You will practice making many command decisions under pressure and in various circumstances in order to simulate real life situations and increase situational awareness.

Australian Wings Academy boast a unique 203 hour scenario based training syllabus designed to produce not only a qualified pilot but a genuinely industry ready pilot!

We give our pilots more than just the qualification as employers tell us that experience matters, even in the entry level flying jobs employers look for pilots who have good command experience and can think for themselves.

Unlike a traditional pilot training syllabus which includes approximately 20 hours of short training area flight lessons, AWA’s scenario based training syllabus is designed to allow students to commence navigation training after only 5 training area lessons.  This structure provides students with an immediate application for their skills and knowledge through scripted en-route scenarios that allow for the training of upper-air-work sequences that would otherwise be trained in an unrealistic training area environment


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