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AWA Aircraft and Synthetic Trainers

Cessna 172

For the Private Pilot (PPL) phase of the training students fly in the Cessna 172. With more than 43,000 aircraft with several model variants delivered, the Skyhawk is the best-selling, most-flown plane ever built. It also enjoys a distinguished reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft available. The Skyhawk is a top performer, showcasing the agility, stability, and durable strength that Cessna is famous for. The Cessna 172R is equipped with traditional analogue instruments, providing students with exposure to the standard ‘6 pack’ instrument configuration arming them with the knowledge and skills required to pilot the older aircraft that still form the backbone of most charter fleets within Australia.


Diamond DA40 TDI

Commercial Pilot (CPL) training is delivered in our New Generation Diamond DA40TDI aircraft. With the Garmin 1000 full glass cockpit, the DA40TDI is the perfect platform for training the airline pilots of tomorrow. The DA40-TDI uses a Thielert “Centurion” 135 hp (101 kW) diesel engine and burns diesel or jet fuel. It has a constant speed propeller and FADEC (single lever) engine control. Worldwide the DA40 has accumulated a very low accident record, particularly with regard to stall and spin accidents. Its overall and fatal accident rates are one eighth that of the general aviation fleet and include no stall-related accidents.


Diamond DA42 NG

The Diamond DA42 NG is a modern, four seat, twin diesel engine aircraft with G1000 avionics and an advanced autopilot. The DA42is our primary IFR training aircraft and is a natural step up for students transitioning from the single engine Diamond DA40. With a cruise speed of 155 knots and good single engine performance, the DA42 is an ideal aircraft for introducing students to the professional environment of IFR flying.


Alsim AL200

The Alsim AL200 is a synthetic trainer used for initial instrument training. It employs a duplicated traditional cockpit display to provide a realistic simulation of IFR flight. The AL200 has the capability for an additional student to experience the lesson from the right seat whilst an on board console allows for the instructor to observe and provide direction throughout the session.


Redbird FMX

The Redbird FMX is a state of the art synthetic trainer featuring an electric motion platform and a realisticcomputer generated visual display. It replicates the DA42 with G1000 avionics and is ideal for IFR training as it allows the simulation of all types of weather conditions and systems failures. Training sessions can also be observed by other students at a remote station via monitors that display views of both the cockpit and the G1000 screens. This feature multiplies the training benefit available from each lesson.

Redbird Remote viewing station
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