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The Australian Wings Academy Fleet

Australian Wings Academy boasts a mix of some of the most modern single and multi engine training aircraft available.

All our aircraft are robust  trainers allowing productive   mutual   training  catering  for beginners to advanced  pilots requiring IFR or  Multi-Engine  Training.

Flight Management Software

AWA uses state of the art Flight Management software from Canada to track student records, aircraft maintenance and accounting. Key features include:

  • Instructors and students are able to see their flight schedule (Bookings) at a glance
  • The flight is assessed by the instructor in the air and during post flight brief
  • All comments are recorded
  • Competencies are embedded in the system to ensure quality training
  • Booking system tracks aircraft maintenance, offers reminders when licences, ratings and medicals need renewing
  • It is linked to our accounting system for financial records keeping


Training Advantage

Our simulator provides more flexibility and adds additional dimension to a students training by reproducing the dynamic response of an aircraft in a real-time and interactive manner. Sophisticated mathematical models in the flight simulation program represent the physical properties of aircraft and ambient air which enables the flight simulator to react accurately to each input. By incorporating flight simulation into our offer, we aim at improving our students training and readiness for instances that are safer to experience in a controlled environment prior to the real life event such as wind shear and mechanical failures.

AWA is committed to the concept of “Transfer of Learning” and as such operates the simulator as a LOFT device. All exercises start and end on the “ramp” as with the jet type rating conversion – the student treats the exercise as a real flight. This concept has proved to be very cost effective with maximum transfer and thus minimum time in the aircraft.

Additional Features

  • Full control loading feedback and a 280deg wrap around visual system
  • Dual Instrument displays to continue the mutual training concept as well as separate instructor station and observer jump seat
  • Response of aircraft is represented by images on screen, instrument readings and motion cue systems which can be seen and felt by human pilot
  • Equipped with autopilot flight director system and FMS similar to that of modern aircraft allowing AWA to introduce these concepts should the client require
  • Easily upgraded to a jet or turbine training platform to allow advanced training and CRM/MCC training
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AWA has commercial airline experience which is passed on to the students in preparation for a successful flying career. With modern facilities and a fleet which boasts Garmin 1000 “glass” avionics and an IFR Simulator, Australian Wings Academy is proud to be the number one place for Pilot Training in Australia. Learn More
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Australian wings Academy is now training some of the industry’s best pilots. Our flight school produces airline pilot candidates who go on to work for the industry’s most successful carriers, who fly the most sophisticated aircraft.
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